Youth 3on3 League Information

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Welcome to Excellent Ice’s Spring 3on3 League!

Thank you to those of you have volunteered your time to coach or manage teams! Unfortunately, due to the nature of playoffs, we are unable to take any further scheduling requests.

Rules and Regulations (PDF)

PLAY OFF Rules & Regulations
Warm Ups
Warm ups consists of 23-minutes being put on clock when your ice time is to start. At the 20:30 mark the buzzer will be sounded or the Ref will blow his whistle. The clock will not be stopped so please pick up pucks quickly.

Stop Time – 3rd Period Only
Stop time in the last 1-minute if within 3 goals or less. Line changes are allowed only during stop time. Otherwise the clock remains on run time.

Coaches on the Bench
There must be at least one adult (18 years old or older) on the bench at all times. There may not be more than 2 adults on or behind the bench during games. All minors under the age of majority who are assistant coaches must wear a helmet behind the bench.

Player Eligibility
Players must have played 4 regular season games to be eligible for the playoffs.

Exceptions are:

  1. The Goalie
  2. Injury to regular players
  3. Spare has been approved by Lyle

Teams caught putting incorrect names on game sheets are at risk of that particular player not being eligible for playoffs and may result in further actions. Team could be disqualified from the playoffs.

No Penalty shots on offsetting penalties. Penalties or a major and the player is out of the game. Major penalties will be automatically reviewed. Lyle will make the final call on all suspensions.

Penalty shots must be taken by the player who was tripped, etc. If the player was hurt on the play, a player may be chosen from other two players who were on the ice at the time of the infraction (as per the ref’s discretion).

Game Play Rules

    1. Changes are to be made on the fly, or after a goal, or on a penalty.
    2. Visiting teams change their jerseys in a colour conflict
    3. Home team is to supply a scorekeeper
    4. Tied games will be decided by a shootout – teams must go through their entire player roster before using a duplicate shooter.

Point systems are as follows:

      1. 3 points for a regulation win
      2. 2 points for a shoot out win
      3. 1 point for a shoot loss,
      4. 0 points for a regulation loss.


    1. Head-to-Head
    2. +/- Max +/- for any one game is 7
    3. Goals for
    4. Goals against
    5. Third period +/-
    6. Third period goals for
    7. Third period goals against
    8. Second Period +/-
    9. Second period goals for
    10. Second period goals against
    11. First period +/-
    12. First period goals for
    13. First period goals against
    14. 3 player shoot out