Avoid the Summer Slide: The Importance of Summer Camps

By August 18, 2016Uncategorized

The sun is shining, the beach is calling your name, and you just want to relax. The last thing on your mind might just be spending your off-season inside an ice arena. The upcoming season is quickly approaching… and that means divisional skates & rep tryouts are looming! Like anything, when you’re learning and maintaining skills, you need to practice. Summer slide is a real thing. Any time you take time off of a skill, you lose a little bit of your edge. You could be the best skater on your team, but if you don’t practice over the summer, all of that hard work and skills you have obtained may be lost. This applies to reading, writing, and of course, hockey.

Summer camps are the perfect way to shake up that summer slide. By taking Power Skating and/or Power Edge Pro (PEP) camps, you are continuing to re-build your muscle memory from last season. When taking Shooting & Puck Control classes you are revisiting the momentum needed to take and refine your shots.  There are also summer camps that incorporate all of those key features to enhance your skills such as Total Hockey, Next Wave, or Bantam/Midget camps.

For new players to the game, summer camps are especially important to help your player get use to frequent ice times and to develop their skills. Camps like Tots Hockey allow new players to grow their skills in a welcoming environment where everyone is typically in the same skill set. This allows your child to have experience in hockey, so that when they show up to their first divisional skate or hockey practice they are less intimidated and eager to play.

Whether you are a player just starting out, or a player who has played for years and wanting to go further in your hockey career… Summer Camps help you get to where you need to go. As the saying goes, Practice makes perfect.